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18 cm Cascading Rock Formation relax to the soothing sound of trickling or falling water
  • Tabletop Water Feature 18cm


    Tabletop Water Feature 18cm

    Bringing feng-shui into your home can be life-changing. Feng shui is all about creating balance, harmony, natural flow and energy to improve your mood, well-being, and inner strength. One of the best ways to do this is with this relaxing indoor Tabletop Water Feature. 

    The area for good feng-shui, where you can place your fountain, is the north corner, as it represents water elements.  Hallway is a great spot too, however ensure that the water flow of the indoor fountain is going towards the inside of your home to encourage the positive energy to stay in and not to flow back outside. As many of us work from home, home office is a great place to create some positive energy towards your work day. 

    The soothing sound of trickling or falling water is a peaceful, serene sound that can help you relax. If you listen to the sound, especially while meditating, it can also help you release any tension or stress you may hold onto.

    Fountains are packed in elegant, ecological boxes. Inside you will find the user manual. 

    Built-in Lighting - Pump Included - Flow/Rate Control - Electric

    Find the perfect one for good feng shui.

    • Origin China
      Net weight 0.7Kg /fountain
      Shipping weight 0.8Kg
      Dimensions 18x13x13 (cm), 3.042L, 0.23Kg/L
      Materials / Ingredients Resin

      Relaxing Pouring Pots


      Cascading Water Fountain           Barcode 




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