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Remote Car Key Signal Blocker RFID Shielding Fob Pouch
  • Remote Car Key Signal Blocker RFID Shielding Fob Pouch


    Remote Car Key Signal Blocker RFID Shielding Fob Pouch

    Product Description:
    - Structure: Double pocket, one for car key, another for card.
    - Made of carbon fiber, internal case is made of rfid shielding fabric, 100% shielded car key signal.
    - The key case is simple and practical, the size is moderate, the velcro is seamlessly bonded, and the key can be easily and exchangly put in inside and outside.
    - Maintenance method: Wipe with water or a small amount of detergent, can not dry cleaning, exposure, ironing, bleaching.
    - Function: anti-scan rfid information / anti-radio information leakage / shielding vehicle key signal.

    - Modern day keyless car fobs are being exploited via a wireless relay attack. Criminals are now more than sophisticated than ever! By using a radio frequency relay booster, which can potentially allow them to pick up a signal and transmit the signal to your vehicle which will potentially allow the criminals to gain entry to your car to steal your belongings or ultimately steal the vehicle itself.
    - Protect your vehicle with our key fob pouch which features an inbuilt signal blocking faraday cage lining which prevents RFID information scanning.
    - Placing your car key inside the inner layer of the pouch will stop all frequency signals being sent or received by your car key.

    1. Material: RFID Fiber
    2. Size: 12.5*8cm
    3. Fit for: Car Remote Key
    4. Weight: 36g
    5. Package: No package

    Package Includes:
    1 x Signal Shielding Bag

    SKU : MO CAR-44149 GD V08A

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