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Mango Aromatherapy Boxes 6,12 0r 24
  • Mango Aromatherapy Boxes 6,12 0r 24


    These boxes are made from Mango wood and they are embellished with hand-carved designs. These pretty boxes will look beautiful in the bedroom or dressing room or any room really.

    They are designed by Ancient Wisdom Dropshipping to fit perfectly 10ml bottles of essential oils, essential oils blends or fragrance oils.

    Great to make up your own essential oils kits or gift set

    Please be aware due to the hand-crafted nature of these boxes designs do vary. 

    Please Note, these boxes will hold a combination of 10ml bottles to a maximum height of 65mm and an approximate diameter of 25mm

    Money doesn't grow on trees, but our boxes and many of our oils do, so go grab some now.

    Materials / Ingredients Mango Wood

    Origin: India

    Aromatherapy Floral Carved Box, Holds 6 (10ml Bottles)

    Net weight 0.332Kg /BoxShipping weight 0.332Kg

    Dimensions 8 x11.5 x 8 (cm), 0.736L, 0.451Kg/L

    Barcode 5055796594009 


    Aromatherapy Floral Carved Box, Holds 12 (10ml Bottles)

    Net weight0.501Kg /Box Shipping weight 0.501Kg

    Dimensions 11.5 x 14.5 x 8 (cm), 1.334L, 0.376Kg/L

    Barcode 5055796593996


    Aromatherapy Floral Carved Box, Holds 24 (10ml Bottles)

    Net weight 0.75Kg /BoxShipping weight 0.75Kg

    Dimensions 14.5 x 20.5 x 8 (cm), 2.378L, 0.315Kg/L

    Barcode 5055796593989

    SKU : A Box 02A, Abox02A.A Box01A V11

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