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Keyless Car Key Signal Blocker Box
  • Keyless Car Key Signal Blocker Box


    Keyless Car Key Signal Blocker Box Faraday Bag Safety Blocking Pouch Anti-Theft

    - This car key box works like a faraday bag, to prevent criminals from using keyfob skimming tools to copy or mimic your keyfob's unique signal/wireless code to gain access to your vehicle or keyless entry system. But the huge diffrence, it looks way more elegant and luxury, high-end grade.
    - This car key safe box can hold 4 car keys so all family members's car keys can be put together. Strongly blocks signals with double layer carbon fiber PU material which gurrantee for signal isolation.100% block.
    - The keyfob faraday box keep your car's security system from getting hacked. Protects your personal and financial data by blocking RFID scanners & readers from detecting your cards' RFID signals. This car key signal blocker box is a MUST for your car protection.

    1. Suitable: suitable for all models
    2. Key box Size: 11.6 x 9x 5.8 cm
    3. Color: Black
    4. Weight: 233.8g
    5. Package: paper box

    Package includes:
    1 pcs x car key signal blocker box

    SKU : MO HOM-53489 GD V08C

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