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Heavy Duty Emergency Towing Cable

Heavy Duty Emergency Towing Cable

Heavy Duty Towing Cable Towing Emergency High Quality Strong Emergency Car Tow Rope


  • Heavy Duty Cable
  • Emergency Tow Rope 
  • Anti-weather: This rope is suitable for all climates and will not stretch, shrink or mould. However, we encourage you to take precautions and check the safety of the rope.
  • Applies to all vehicles: It is convenient and easy to carry and use.
  • It will not take up too much space in the car.
  • Durability: The steel is very durable and can prevent the wear and wear of the belt edges and ensure the service life.
SKU : MO 3097 MW S10
  • Material: Steel
    Type: Tow Cable
    Features: Durable, Easy to Use, Heavy Duty, Reinforced Loop Ends
    Manufacturer Part Number: 3097
    Brand: Lifestyle Choices
    Items Included: Heavy Duty Cable, Tow Cable, Forged Hook, Hook

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