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Komodo 5 Level Aerobic Stepper Green With Black Non Slip Surface Main Step
  • 5 Level Aerobic Stepper


    5 Level Aerobic Step

    These 5 Level Steppers are a great addition to any cardio workout, with loads of other fitness benefits to be enjoyed too. Whether you're looking to burn the calories or boost your endurance, these are ideal for switching up your fitness routine.

    5 Levels from 10cm to 30cm

    The step comprises of one main step with 4 additional extension pieces, allowing for 5 different levels to train at. The main step measures 10cm in height, giving a great base level to start from. Each extension block adds 5cm of height, allowing you to work at 15cm, 20cm, 25cm or the maximum height of 30cm. The step measures 40cm x 40cm width and depth.

    Varied Exercise

    The 5 Level Step is quickly interchangeable, and can be used for a variety of difference exercises. Triceps dips, push ups and interval training are all great options, which are all great for both muscle mass and weight loss. The step also has a non-slip surface on the top to ensure you keep a firm footing whilst using it.


    The main benefits of using the aerobic stepper are the cardio and toning to user’s arms, legs and body. With 5 different height options you can challenge yourself more by increasing the height.

      • 10cm high step with 4 extension blocks
      • Max height of 30cm
      • 4 Extension blocks allow workouts at 5cm increments
      • Non slip surface
      • Step measures 40cm x 40cm

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