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Single Tall Petrified Wood Candle Holders
  • Petrified Wood Candle Holder


    Discover these Petrified Wood Candle Holders that come in stunning colour variations. This unique raw material is created when wood is buried in sediment and then mineralized.

    Made from wood more than 20 million years old.

    The candle holders are carved by hand and have a delightful rustic texture. A stylish accessory, naturally beautiful and elegant, which fits many interiors. This candle holder can accommodate 1 tealight.

    Petrified Wood Candle Holders will be a beautiful decoration for a table, coffee table or even a bedside table. They will certainly not go unnoticed. Each piece is unique, with individual variations and cracks created in the process of petrification.

    Please note: Colours and patterns may differ from those shown in the pictures. Candles shown but not included with the candles.

    SKU: PetW AW V02
    • Origin Indonesia
      Net weight 0.886Kg /piece
      Shipping weight 1.26Kg
      Dimensions 9.5x8.5x5.5 (cm), 0.444L, 1.995Kg/L
      Materials / Ingredients Petrified wood (stone)
      Barcode 5056368323232

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