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Compression Wrist Support in black showing strap pulled back
  • Compression Wrist Support Strap Adjustable Brace with Thumb Right Or Left Black


    Compression Wrist Support Strap Adjustable Brace with Thumb for Right Hand - Black.

    - Ultimate Wrist Support: Designed to provide optimal stability and comfort, these adjustable wraps offer superior support during activities such as tennis, gym workouts, and any strenuous physical activity.
    - Customizable Fit: Featuring an adjustable strap, our wrist wraps are tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you need a snug fit for maximum support or a more relaxed feel during lighter activities, these wraps can be easily adjusted for a personalized experience.
    - Pain Relief and Healing: The wrist wrap support is crafted to alleviate wrist pain, promote healing, and reduce the impact of conditions like tendonitis.
    - Durable and Reliable: Built to endure the demands of intense workouts and sports, our wrist braces are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and reliability. Count on them to provide consistent support, workout after workout.

    SKU: APP-65163
    • Material: nylon
      Colour: Black
      Size: as the picture shown
      Weight: 74.196g
      Package: bag package

      Package included:
      1 pcs x Wrist Support Strap for Right Hand

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