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Lock Angle Measure Tool Fast Marking Measuring & Woodworking Ruler-DIY Projects
  • Lock Angle Measure Tool Fast Marking Measuring & Woodworking Ruler-DIY Projects


    Lock Angle Measure Tool Fast Marking Measuring Ruler Woodworking Ruler and Marking Tools

    • Ideal For Laying Floors  Or In Furniture Construction
    • Folding Stop For Positioning - Easy To Mark Angles Or Paralell Lines
    • One Handed Operation - The Operation Is Simple
    • Scale On The Moving Legs - For Marking  Parallel  Lines
    • Integrated Hole In The Moving Legs - For Guiding The Pencil
    • One Handed Operation - Even Inside Corners
    • Fast Marking & Measuring Ruler...  Measuring Angles,Transferring Angles, Marking Gauge.
    • Ideal Tool - One Handed Operation

    - The angular goniometer is a smart solution for convenient measurement of angles with subsequent transfer to the workpiece. Ideal for laying floors or furniture construction.
    - Lightweight give you the freedom to carry it in every workplace.

    - Use the locking lever to fasten them in position. The lever is designed for easy operation with only one hand from either side, even in tight working areas.
    - The first step: push the two plastic legs into the corner of the wall and align them along the walls.
    - The next step: position the angular bevel gauge on your workpiece and mark the angle.

    How to use:
    1. Put the angle bar exactly to the corner, align the arms.
    2. We lock the angle bar lever, thus fixing the dimension.
    3. Transfer the obtained measurement to the processed material.


    Brand: Lock & Lock 

    Type: Ruler

    Tape: Length: See in Description                     

    System of Measurement: Metric                  

    Features: Locking                              

    Country/Region of Manufacture: China         

    Material: PC + ABS
    Dimensions: 42x6.5x4.5cm

    Item Length: 42 cm                                         

    Height: 4.5 cm                                                     

    Item Width: 6.5 cm                                           

    Weight: 55 g                                                   

    Custom Bundle: No

    MPN: Does Not Apply               

    Colour: as the picture shown
    Weight: 55g
    Custom Bundle: No                                                                              MPN: Does Not Apply

    Package includes:
    1 pcs x Angular Goniometer



    SKU: HOM-56425 GD S03