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    Track Pump With Guage

    Portable Track Bicycle Pump
    • All-in-one pump and gauge. 

    • Features a spring clip valve lock, rubber air hose and footplate. 

    • Standard size needle.

    Colour: Blue
    Country/Region of Manufacture: China
    Valve Type: As shown in photos
    Sport/Activity; Cycling
    Power Source: n/a
    Type: Dual Action Hand Pump & Gauge
    Features: Portable, Footplate, Ergonomic Molded Handle, Flexible Hose
    Air Hose:: Rubber
    Needle Size: Standard Compatible Bike Type: Universal
    Gauge Type: Analogic
    Brand: Lifestyle Choices
    Manufacturer Warranty: None
    Part Type: Tyre Pump
    Compatible Bike Type: Universal


    Tyre pressure

    It might be a basic thing, but being able to pump up your bike’s tyres is an essential skill for any cyclist.

    Inflating your tyres to the correct pressure is an essential part of bike maintenance.

    Why is my tyre flat?

    There are two likely reasons why your tyre is flat. Either you have a puncture or your tyre has just deflated over time.

    Pumping up your tyres is a quick job that can easily improve your enjoyment while riding. Running the wrong tyre pressure will negatively affect the way that your bike rides and can also make your bike more prone to punctures.

    Running your tyres at either too high or too low a pressure can be potentially dangerous, as well as negatively impact the handling of your bike. Link To Blog Pumping Up Your Tyre

    SKU : SP2554 MW S01

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